Jonesborough, TN

Jonesborough was founded in 1779 to be the county seat of Washington County, North Carolina. The town was named after Willie Jones, one of the few North Carolina legislatures who approved of the state's westward movement. Although Jonesborough is named for him, it is thought that Mr. Jones never visited the town. Jonesborough had been established for fourteen years when Tennessee became the sixteenth state in 1796.

Jonesborough has gone through many changes since 1779, but thanks to the restoration and preservation movement of the 1970's, many of the older buildings are still standing today and are just as beautiful as ever. Jonesborough was the first town in Tennessee to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The city has worked hard to preserve its historical buildings and its cultural heritage. Jonesborough is the storytelling capital of the world. Thanks to the International Storytelling Center, they regularly have storytelling events and activities. Jonesborough also hosts Music on the Square, a free concert downtown every Friday night from May through September.

Information taken from the Town of Jonesborough website.