Contra Band Biographies

Bouzouki Brothers
Members: Cailen Campbell, Connell Sanderson

Fashion Horse
Members: Art Shuster, Paul Moore, Laura Lengnick

Art Shuster. Art has been playing dances since the cold dark infancy days of the Farmer's Ball (Warren Wilson College). First, as a flatpicker on the guitar, and now on mandolin, mandola, and tenor banjo. He can't get enough of playing fiddle tunes and making the dancers groove. He has toured and played regionally, nationally and internationally with the String Beings, Laurie Fisher, Susie Gott, Larry Unger, Far Horizons and many others. Currently, Art is staying more local playing mainly with Far Horizons, Wild Goosechase and occasionally with the String Beings.

Paul Moore (Piano, accordian). Well known and much in demand for his infectious keyboard rhythm and jazzy improvisational work, dance pianist Paul Moore has been the cornerstone of assorted Tennessee and North Carolina bands for a long time. (hair was mostly brown when he started). Performing mainly with Curious George and Daron Douglas, he can often be found moonlighting with the Loafer's Glory Northwest Morris dance team, pwering their groove with his accordian.

Laura Lengnick (Fiddle). Well known for a unique fiddling style that drives a danceable groove while staying solidly grounded in the New England contra dance tradition. She delights dancers with her jazz-inspired improvisations, drawing on a repertoire of old and new tunes from Northern, Southern and Celtic fiddling worlds. Laura plays dance weekends and other dance events thoughout the country in the contra dance bands such as Laura and the Lava Lamps, Curious George and Goosebone Prophets. She released her first contra dance CD Primordial Groove in 2001 with Laura and the Lava Lamps.

Steam Shovel
Members: Roger Gold & David White

Big band sound with Roger Gold on guitar and foot drum along with David White's roaring fiddle and claw hammer banjo. Definitely a rousing event when they play.

Toss the Possum
Members: Laura Zisette, Rob Zisette, Sam Athanas, Scott Fore

From Radford, Virginia, Toss the Possum has been a family band for years with son Rob on Fiddle, Chas on Bass, Jane on flute and Laura (Mom) on piano. Jane is in college now while Chas is doing missionary work in Brazil. Still the band carries on under the guidance of Charley (Dad) who manages the band while Laura is the music director.