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Dances Suspended

Hello Dancers:

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are suspending all contra dance events until June 6, 2020.
This schedule is subject to change based on the guidance of the CDC and the Governor of Tennessee.

We can only hope that you stay safe in the meantime and that conditions will improve so that we may gather and dance again.

Contrathon XXVII is cancelled!!

David Wiley
Historic Jonesborough Dance Society

Posted by: David Wiley on March 26, 2020

Dance Cancelled

For the sake of all persons in our community and not just our avid contra Jonesborough contra dancers, we have decided to suspend our dance program until such time that it would be safe and prudent to congregate again. We hope that all the measures that are being taken to minimize the impact of this disease will benefit all of us in the long run. Stay tuned for the joy that awaits us down the road. In the meantime, take good care of yourself and those around you. Thanks! The Board of the Historic Jonesborough Dance Society.

Posted by: David Wiley on March 12, 2020

Next Dance March 17, 2020

The Historic Jonesborough Dance Society will hold a community contra dance on Saturday March 21, 2020 at the Jonesborough Visitors Center, 117 Boone Street.

Guest Band: Cailen Campbell & George Paul
Guest Caller: Anne Marie Walter

Beginners Lesson: 7:00pm
Dance: 7:30-10:30pm

Admission $7, Students & Childern $5

All dances smoke, alcohol and fragrance free

Posted by: David Wiley on March 8, 2020

Next Dance March 7, 2020

The Historic Jonesborough Dance Society will celebrate National Pound Cake Day on March 7th with a contra dance and bake off. Prizes awarded for the top three finest pound cakes baked by our dancers (no cheating and buying a souped up Sara Lee). You must bake your own and share the ingredient list. In a addition to a pound of flour, sugar, eggs and butter, add your favorite flavors and toppings. Judging to be held at the break.

National Pound Cake Day is actually March 4th. It is said that pound cakes can be traced back to at least the start of the 18th century and to honor this sinfully savory joy, Pound Cake Day is now celebrated each and every year. Every year, many countless those with a bit of a sweet tooth memorialize this satisfy by baking their very own cake making use of elements of their picking.

While the pound birthday cake is perhaps among the better-known pastries in numerous various cultures, really few are really knowledgeable about where the name stemmed. As a matter of fact, this term is derived from the act of using one pound of butter, eggs, flour and sugar. It is said that this was done so that those that were unable to read would certainly be able to memorize the recipe.

To burn off enough calories to consume one of America's favorite deserts, we'll contra dance to the music of Laura Light and Dave Bartley. Plus you will get to enjoy all the antics of one mighty fine caller from Asheville, Laurie Fisher.

Beginners Lesson at 7:00pm. Dance from 7:30-10:30pm

Admission $7, $5 for full time students and children

Posted by: David Wiley on February 17, 2020

Next Dance 02 08 2020

The Historic Jonesborough Dance Society welcomes all to our Community Valentine's Contra Dance on Saturday, February 15, 2020 at the Jonesbough Visitors Center, 117 Boone Street.

Even though Valentine's Day will have passed, we still feel it is important to show all our dancers that they are loved and appreciated even if they are single and not in a romantic relationship. So, the theme for this event is all about community.

Dancers will be treated to both dances with focus on partner interaction but also time spent with your neighbors. Additionally, there will be circle dances and mixers.

In hopes of having as many attend as possible, we will not have a set admission fee but will ask you to make a donation of what you can afford to pay or pay whatever you think this community means to you in order to support the band, caller, sound engineer and all the volunteers that make it happen.

Guest Band: Boom Chuck (Laurie Fisher & Nic Coker)
Guest Caller; Charlotte Crittenden

Bring sweet treats to share with everyone.

Beginners at 7:00pm
Dance 7:30-10:30pm

Posted by: David Wiley on February 8, 2020

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